The Actual Owner's Manual

It might be a bit overboard, but here for your viewing pleasure is the actual River City Ransom owners manual, scanned & in the jpeg format.

  1. Front Cover
  2. Precautions
  3. Contents & Story
  4. How to Play
  5. Basic Moves
  6. Basic Moves & Special Techniques
  7. Special Techniques (cont. A)
  8. Special Techniques (cont. B)
  9. Screen Functions
  10. Screen Functions (cont. A)
  11. Screen Functions (cont. B)
  12. Checking Your Status
  1. The Gangs
  2. The Characters
  3. The Characters (cont.)
  4. Earning Money
  5. The Weapons
  6. Locations & Shops
  7. Buying Things
  8. List of Shops
  9. Take Out Items & Tricks
  10. Playing Hints
  11. Compliance with FCC regulations
  12. Limited Warranty

tsr's plain text RCR Manual

The RCR Player's Guide

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