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Picture of River City HS River City Ransom for the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1989. This up-to-2 players action pseudo-RPG came out around the same time as Technos' popular Double Dragon II. Because of this, few people are aware of the existence of this wonderful game.

The goal of this site is to increase the visibility of one of the best 8-Bit games of all time. Here you will find a player's guide, screen shots, and a plethora of RCR related information. Feel free to look around, explore, and enjoy yourself. I know some of the material here is dated (the game is 14+ years old!) and I apologize.

Atlus is releasing a new River City Ransom for the GBA in the fall of 2003. Rejoice!

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RCR Player's Guide & FAQ
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RCR Screen Shots
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RCR Miscellaneous and Odd
     Everything else that's odd or
     "out of place."

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